The truth...

by Khylandrah I randomly found this just googling my old toons name and did not realize that it was this serious. Its many years after the fact and I don’t know if anyone will ever receive this message.

I had a lot of Fun in abandoned realms. However playing an elven healer at the beginning was a lot of fun. As the time went on it was not so much fun. It really just became repetitive.

Just before the wedding I was PK’ed and all of my stuff was taken and getting all the stuff back over and over again with a character who I had designed never to really participate in PK was not looking fun.

During the wedding I was given some wonderful gifts in an attempt to help replace the items that I had lost.

During the wedding I was also assassinated by Mogu which is something that I will ever forget. I don’t think he could have timed it better had he planned it.

I had also had a run in with some Illusionist who found it fun to keep charming me and having me attack the guild masters so I would die and have a HUGE amount of exp to level. This being my first mud at the time I did not know some of the stuff that I later learned that would have prevented the cheap use of Charm that he was using to kill me over and over.

I will say now that yes I did leave to play a different toon. Equinox I hurt your feelings then really I am sorry. However I figured it was easier than trying to explain to you that I was switching toons after we had accomplished so much together. Apparently I choose wrong. We did have a blaze and with Tenaka we did a lot of stuff. However I seriously doubt that you know which toon I played after Khylandrah. Again I am really sorry but I did not want to play her anymore.

I had a lot of good times on Abandoned Realms.

Thank you all.


Posted on Jul 12, 2006, 2:40 PM

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