Okay, heres the important part

by Kallomar


Everyone take a well deserved bow, for coming November 1st will mark the one year anniversary of Abandoned Realms official opening!! Who'd have guessed we'd grow to be so huge and have so many great players frequenting the realms.

It's really amazing to see a mud grow so big in just one year...most muds up for multiple years don't even break 30 players. So give yourselves a hand guys, you players really make the mud a better place (well most of you anyways :P Im j/k).

Okay, now here's the important part. I wanted to do something on November 1st to celebrate our anniversary. We can take one day out and do something special that we normally can't do. I was thinking about backing up all the player files on that day, then letting you guys do whatever you want and kick back and enjoy it knowing that it won't be saved. The next day, I'll restore all the player files again so everything will be back to normal. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions to add to this? Just go ahead and post it under here, let me know what you think.

Posted on Oct 22, 1998, 2:14 PM

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  1. Armeggedon. Tyr, Oct 22, 1998
    1. Nod I see it all now. Christian, Oct 22, 1998
      1. Untitled. harken, Oct 23, 1998
    2. Its a good idea. Volcaron, Oct 22, 1998
      1. I like it!. Braxton, Oct 22, 1998
      2. Screw the alignment angle. Christian, Oct 22, 1998
    3. Bring It!. Remmy, Oct 22, 1998
  2. death is of no consequence. Blitz, Oct 22, 1998
  3. WAR!. Blackstaff, Oct 22, 1998
  4. a tester. Gratz to the imps., Oct 22, 1998
    1. I obviously goofed on the title to that one. {nt}. a tester, Oct 22, 1998
  5. YEAH!. Tanaka Sakutobe, Oct 22, 1998

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