by Ridkyn


Damn has it been a year already?? Well kudos to all the great IMM's out there. This mud is totally kickn' I was one of the first testers and I'm glad to see it take off the way it did. I would have to agree with Escherus. On that day advance every character to level 50 and let them duke it out. This will give them the chance to see what it is like at the top and give the top dawgs the chance to whoop up on some new flesh that's around. I'd expect if you did that the mud would have a player base over 100 for the day. I know that I'd play all day long, if I were still alive that is. So everyone out there that thinks this would be a good idea send a shout out to the Imms, and on November 1st...LET'S ROCK THE MUD!!

Posted on Oct 23, 1998, 10:16 AM

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  1. Ridkyn is still around???. Vaniqun, Oct 23, 1998
    1. Ridkyn. Escherus, Oct 23, 1998
      1. Hmm, Stalkers again?. Regina, Oct 24, 1998
        1. Regina *cackle*. Ridkyn, Oct 24, 1998
        2. ROFL Regina. Escherus, Oct 24, 1998

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