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So, Sakuragi could beat Pelzer given the same equipment. Pelzer could whoop Soldavian too. When will you realize that 'whooping' someone else isn't a degree of how good a player is. Everyone can 'whoop' someone else and the reverse could happen, depending on the situation and luck. As for the weapons not applying to duergar/dwarves, well, you must not be a decent player if you so arrogantly claim that 'Excalibur sucks'. And thank you for proving my point; Soldavian pissed off someone higher up, and he got dropped, no one else's fault but for Soldavian. And I've seen Soldavian hoard equipment. I have seen him arrogantly standing in Market Square exchanging the three suits of Titanium Fullplate that he happened to have. Maybe in your silly world, that is not hoarding, then more power to you. Maybe Grayyg does not roleplay as well as he should, but he does it more than any Warlord, and certainly more than Soldavian.

Posted on Jan 7, 1999, 12:15 AM

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