In defense of myself.

by Burzuk

I'm assuming that you are Lathyrnvark or someone who knows him OOC, because it was one of your alts that stumbled on this incident. Unfortunately for you, one of the imms was watching me at the time, and could verify how wrong you are in your assumptions.

I was grouped with Tanaka, a drow ninja Legionnaire wanna-be, and he was going on and on in the gt about how he wanted to be in the Legions. I was talking to him to have him consider the reasons why he wanted to join (Quazark and Sakuragi aren't very good at talking to their applicants), but he didn't get the hint of where I was coming from. Finally I summoned the shadowdemon as a not-so-subtle hint that he should pay attention to what I was telling him. At that point, Lath's alt, a naked drow illusionist, came in and tried to charm my groupmate. Tanaka fled, and Lath came back and tried to charm my other groupmate, and was killed for it. At this point though, my shadowdemon turned on me. Since I've never summoned the demon before (I wanted to keep my identity as a Legionnaire hidden for a while so I never summoned it), I had no idea that the demon would turn on me if I didn't get rid of it. Of course, Lath came back and heard the yell, and assumed that I was using the shadowdemons to exp, since Legions see the demons as merely a PK tool, rather than an RP tool that I was using it as.

As I said, your story is cute, Lathyrnvark, but unfortunately an immortal was snooping me at the time and saw the whole thing. If you want to you can talk to Kallomar about it, he knows of this story already.

To what you've said about Burzuk not RP'ing at lower levels, that is just blatantly false as well. For one thing, Burzuk has ALWAYS talked to goods, rather than brainlessly pk them, and this was at low levels as well as high levels. You obviously haven't seen the people like Jeanne, Sedgwick, etc, who Burzuk spent a lot of time RP'ing with. I've kept Burzuk's RP pretty consistent since day one, as far as how he talks to people and who he talks to, and I don't believe that evils should shun all communication with goods. How then can we corrupt and undermine what they believe in? There are people like Orcrist and Caralee who I've known and RP'd with since the low levels, and you obviously didn't know about Orcrist and Burzuk's pact to get revenge on Legions once they hit 50 and other RP'ing stuff I did at lower levels. From what you're bringing up, the simple fact is you simply haven't gotten away from your pk'ing long enough to try to wander the realms to observe people.

As for my uninduction part, again an immortal was snooping me at the time, and Quazark was at fault for it as well. Again, speak with your cabal's immortal leader if you do not believe me. If you claim to be partially responsible for it, then that is your mistake as well that you admit to.


Posted on Jan 19, 1999, 10:14 AM

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