Gate Kills?

by RebelST


Gate kills? Gate/summon/charm kills are the lamest ways to die. No self-respecting decent player should ever die to any three of these methods. All three of these spells gives the caster a 4 to 8 pulse wait state, which is plenty of time for the target to either run or attack back. Only exception would be if you're linkdead, then there's nothing much you can do. My point is, gate is not that good when pk'ing, and no one with any decent pk skill should be caught and killed by someone gating in.

Posted on Feb 1, 1999, 5:04 PM

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  1. Use of gate in pk's.. Burzuk, Feb 1, 1999
    1. Hiding. RebelST, Feb 2, 1999
      1. The point is.... Burzuk, Feb 2, 1999

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