Dude, check this out...

by Chuck


Looking at past posts, here's a rundown of flames (assuming this post is 1.1):

7.1 The One
7.2 The One
7.3 The One
8.2.1 The Bitch
9.2.1 curious (though I agree with what he said, it's just he didn't put evidence) The One
12.4.1 The One The One

Okay, I'm gonna stop here, because I'm getting tired at looking at the posts. But is anyone beginning to see a trend here? And there were some that were pretty incisive, that I didn't want to include (because they weren't really clear-cut flames, they did say more than just "Blah blah you suck"). But is anyone noticing something? I'd suggest you putting some thought into what you say, The One. This is why the imms don't like to vis--they always get a bunch of complaints, bitches, flames, etc. from people who don't know what they're talking about. I think you don't realize just how much they do for the mud--how much it takes just to run day to day stuff, not to mention also trying to code in new stuff. So, like they say, if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE or HELPFUL to say, then say it, but stop just saying the imms suck, the imms suck, blah blah.

Posted on Feb 22, 1999, 5:14 AM

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