What really happened to Khylandrah

by Equinox


...O.k. folks here goes after 4-6 weeks of waiting and being asked in the realms i am going to take the time to clear up a few situations in my relationship with Khylandrah. When we first meet in darkhaven and began our joint venture when we were in our late teen levels and our story began there we began groupig all the time and building a real strong team. An elven healer and a elven paladin we had something good going and developed a plan of what we wanted to accomplish and set goals one of which was to join justice and eventually that worked out to be,we were going to be a husband and wife team. All the time we were doing some decent rp and were leveling(thank you tenaka) and all this time she indicated that things were fine and she was happy with the way things were working out. Then the bombshell dropped one night after she logged on and i went to greet her. She informed me we needed to have an OOC talk at which time she informed me that she had a very serious RL crisis, and that she had to leave the realms and that if things got worked out she would be back. Needless to say Equinox was shattered but accepted what he was told and began suffering his loss.Than all of a sudden 3 weeks latter after various Khylandrah sightings i find out that she had lied to me and had come back as another character almost immediately after telling me her sob story. I do know her new pc but have not used this info in the realm and do not intend to tell who her new character is, i guess the point of what i am trying to make after this long story is to me this is very POOR POOR rp, am i off base with this or am i right to be pissed off about being used and lied to.i am sory for the lenght of this message but i have grown tired of being asked what happened to or when will or where is Khylandrah and and all anwsers will be appreciated thanks.

Posted on Mar 19, 1999, 8:30 AM

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  1. Sorry to here this. Dyren, Mar 19, 1999
    1. not what i wanted. Equinox, Mar 19, 1999
      1. Here's a Theory. Anonymous, Mar 19, 1999
        1. not really. Equinox, Mar 19, 1999
        2. Anony's got a point.... Anon, Mar 20, 1999
  2. Maybe Khy meant little to her for some reason.. Magenta, Mar 19, 1999
    1. Not everybody is cold-hearted. Laura, Mar 19, 1999
      1. Ooops!!! What was I smokin!!. Laura, Mar 19, 1999
    2. thanks magenta. Equinox, Mar 19, 1999
  3. Well, you probably weren't good enough in bed... -Hyperion-, Mar 19, 1999
    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!. Laura, Mar 19, 1999
  4. I wish to ease your pain.. Laura, Mar 19, 1999
    1. don't trust her.. Miruan, Mar 19, 1999
      1. the dark side of the force. Equinox, Mar 19, 1999
        1. uh.... anonymous, Mar 19, 1999
  5. The truth.... Khylandrah, Jul 12, 2006

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