by -Hyperion-


ok, i'm sorry, but you remind me of some idiot who likes to type in caps to get his point across. In anycase, I didn't mean that it would be less stable in crashes and whatnot, I meant that since it's for free, it could go down and he'd have to move the site. It would just be a pain in the ass for him. And yes, people very much do have a right to bitch and complain when they don't like things. Sure i can go to another mud. Sure, I can start my own mud, which i might very well do. But to say just because he pays/owns and codes the mud, that i don't have any rights is just totally off. How do you think changes got to be? because people complained, it's called feedback, and for every good thing, there's usually corrections that had to be made. All these bitches screaming about stryth, they're all idiots. If i say something like, the god's attitudes lately are fucking annoying and they should find out what's up their asses, I have every right to say that. I mean, they tell us to roleplay, but they also write notes in which they say they're angry at all the users, that stryth is gunna squeeze on people's balls and whatnot, that's just out of line. Deleting characters, baning sites, that's also out of line. People worked very hard on some of them and to just delete that on a whim because you're pissed off is wrong. Don't tell me that it's their right. If they were at all sensible, they would ask the person to stop or give them a warning, take away their eq, lower their level, ect. Not delete and ban. Of course they're too dimwitted to see the logic in that. But whatever, i digress. Muds that aren't free are the exception to the rule. Muds should be fun and entertaining, not a hassle to play and to administer. They're taking their role as imms a bit too far, thinking too highly of themselves. That's where they get in trouble.


Posted on Mar 19, 1999, 1:08 PM

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  1. Yep Your Stryth. Mordomus, Mar 19, 1999
  2. Response. smartass, Mar 19, 1999
    1. heh, that's where your wrong. -Hyperion-, Mar 19, 1999
      1. response. smartass, Mar 19, 1999
  3. Your rights as players.. Burzuk, Mar 19, 1999
    1. heh, stop adding stuff that i didn't say. -Hyperion-, Mar 19, 1999
      1. Actually, I addressed that already, but let me clarify.. Burzuk, Mar 19, 1999
        1. Again you add things... -Hyperion-, Mar 19, 1999
        2. So you must deserve it if the imm punishes you?. Hahaha nope, Jan 31, 2014

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