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  • dont you dare call me that
    • concerned warlord
      Posted Nov 15, 1998 6:29 PM

      i will not stand to be called any sort of a pansy ass warlord. for one thing, i know my place around both this cabal and these realms better than most people. i'm just expressing some concerns. this isnt an IC complain session. in the game i wouldn't mention anything about anyone having an unfair advantage..i'd welcome it.

      since this is an OOC forum, i'm just saying some stuff that have been on my mind. from the looks of it, you've never been in a cabal, so you dont know what it feels like to have the code you respect spat on by your brethren. how would you feel if you were a mystic and someone was going around, fighting like a barbarian? how about if you're a justice and another justice is letting his friends off? i'm just saying that if rangers cant be as honorable as the rest of us, they shouldnt be running around with "warlord" stamped on their ass. you guys dont realize it, but if someone smart played a ranger warlord...they would disbalance the game.

      its takes someone like roeshambo or tyrone to show us how to really play a character. a stone giant warlord could heal himself and armor himself, then go sit in camo, ambush the shit out of someone, rescue himself and let his charmies make sure they dont flee. he doesnt need to take damage, bah, let the bears do all the work. why should he engage in direct combat? then, if he does take damage, he can run and hide like a wuss in the forest, undetected by all. afterwards, he can heal up and resume combat. just because no warlord is underhanded enough to take full advantage of this, doesnt mean that the opportuniy should be lying around.

      a true warrior will fight for himself
      a true warrior will not seek healing to aid his combat prowess
      a true warrior will not "hide" to escape his death from someone

      ..and dont say this stuff never happens..i've witnessed ALL of it at some point or another. either look around or dont complain about my complaining.
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