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Huh? Hyperion confused...

January 7 2001 at 10:58 PM
Hyperion  (no login)
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Response to Alexander Kean, Casual Observer, Hyperion

First, before I forget, thanks for the compliments on my ships. Those little hunks of metal and plastic are fun to build. The introduction of new EA ship minis has been cut, however, due to the fact that I'm a senior in college (don't ask how many years) and I have no job anymore. I gotta eat, you know. And drink, and smoke cigars, and pay bills, and play golf when there isn't thirty inches of snow on the ground in Southeast Michigan, and go on trips to Myrtle Beach to play golf there twice a year, and....

OK, now onto your comments... Are you saying my designs are over-gunned and wouldn't scare away an enemy, or are you just saying my drawings lack a, oh, the French call it a certain I don't know what?

If the fact that my colors aren't always exact is it, than I'll be the first to admit, I can't draw. I use MS-paint to edit Canis's drawings. The ones you see are modifications of Omegas and Hyperions, which were the only Cap ships Agents of Gaming sold for EA for a long time. They're also the easiest to modify when it comes to Canis's drawings. I try to connect all the black lines, but I basically suck at PC drawing programs, and like Casual said, Canis knows it. One of the first thing I told him, was, I suck at drawing on the PC. I'm better at building space ship models than drawing. When drawing various believable B5 designs, I defer to Canis. He's damn good. I'll just modify his designs if I can to what my ships are. Guaranteed, however, that if he were to do drawings of my ships, I'd say when comparing my drawings and his "Look at his drawings, his are better."

If the answer to the above question is that my ships are over gunned, I built them with AoG's Babylon 5 Wars in mind. I built them to fill rolls in that game and not be over-gunned with respect to the other ships in the game. The Alpha and Aleph class of EA battleships, for example, are both really powerful ships when compared to other EA ships, save teh Warlock, but, both are easily blown to pieces by a Minbari Shargotti, which is only supposed to be a "Battlecruiser." These ships aren't overgunned at all, when you look at the game that is. The pics have a lot of turrets and gun ports, but they are mostly smaller, weak guns. I try not to go uber, but at the same time I don't have anything against that either.

We all have different ideas of what any particular Sci-Fi universe is like. I, for example, think the Star Trek universe became apocryphal after Star Trek III, and think that the old FASA Star Trek universe is better than what Rick "Destroyer of Franchises" Berman has plopped down and said "Accept it, for I am the new Roddenbery." (Sorry, mini Star Trek rant, won't happen again, I just never liked TNG, DS9 was kinda cool, in a non-Star Trek way, and well, Voyager just plain sucks.). It's just that we all have ideas for how powerful we want X empire to be in Y universe. I mean, hell, you put some big weapons on a Colonial Transport, where I think I'd put anti-fighter weapons on it only, for example.

I appreciate what I think you were trying to get across, but like I said, if Keen or Dask wants to put a billion Turrets on a ship, they can. If it exists in their B5 universe, it doesn't necessarily have to exist in mine or yours. It's an expression of their imagination, so I say, let them run with it. Just don't start making EA ships purple with lime green highlights and orange polka-dots, and I won't have to call the Narn love bat squad...

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