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AOC 2434pw power problems

September 29 2014 at 8:18 PM
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ozviewer  (Login ozviewer)

I have an AOC monitor that has "died", and seek assistance with working out what is wrong.

It's initial symptoms were:
1)It would take a while to start up, just flicking between the black AOC start up screen, then finally start.
2)After that, the blue on/off/menu/left/right feather touch buttons would flash on/off
3)Now nothing will light up, screens or buttons.

I checked the power lead going to it, by reinserting a number of go.

I switched it into another power go.

I then disconnected it's power supply from the monitor and pulled the cable out from the wall, connecting it to another point.

On doing so, I noticed it was actually an AC Adapter type of power supply with a little green led light indicating whether it had the power going to it.

I then plugged it into another point(without the other end going to the monitor), and noticed the green led light was on ok. When I plug in the monitor to it, the green led light will not stay lit, and blinks on/off all the time....naturally the monitor still won't work.

The info on the power pack is
AC ADAPTER ADPC1260AT INPUT 100-240V-1.5A 50-60Hz Output 12vdc 5.00A.

I attached another monitor to the same pc, and that works ok, so it is definately the AOC that has the problem.

I bought a new p/s, and it worked for a couple of days, and then when using it again,the monitor shut down.

The new power supply emitted no green power led light at did previously.

I got hold of a multimeter and checked it out, nothing registering at all.

Strangely enough, I did the same test on the old p/s and it showed correct voltage and a steady green led light on p/s, but as soon as connected to the monitor (under load I guess?) the green led on it started blinking again.

I the tried the monitor on it's own, not connected to pc, just sitting on it's own, plugged into a wall socket...same outcomes.

Yesterday, I put the old p/s on, and the old p/s led light stayed on when powered up and connected to lights on front of AOC blinked on/off, but no power up.

Tried with new p/s as above, nothing, no green led light on p/s, no power to monitor.

Watched and read untold amounts of info on a google search.

Again I tested my power supplies, and then this was found..

Tested old p/s with a multimeter, just connected to perfect.

Tested new p/s again today, and low and behold, the led light was on as normal and it registered correct voltage on multimeter.

Disconnected old monitor from pc,and put AOC monitor back onto pc, and it is now working again.

33 minutes later the monitor lost power. No lights on new ac adapter, adapter very hot. Old monitor now reconnected.

I contacted AOC support ( the item was out of warranty, and their reply was...

"Based on the description, looks like the Power adaptor is ok but the main board is faulty.
Note : usually if there is external power adaptor, there is no power board in it. "

Again, googling, I see lots of posts and videos saying to look at the capacitors within the monitor for bulging, and replace. Seeing what AOC told me, can I expect to see caps in it or not. I am not any good at soldering and would need this done for me. Would it seem feasible for me to take it all apart, take it to a tv repairer or similar, and ask him/her to change any caps, and I reassemble it and see what happens? Obviously I am trying to reduce my costs.

Any feedback or assistance would be appreciated.


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(Login dule_savic)

Any luck

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September 29 2016, 10:54 AM 

I'm experiencing same problems, so I'm wondering did you manage to solve this problem?

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(Login Singe22)

Exact same problem

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November 2 2016, 10:08 AM 

any luck ?

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(Login Singe22)


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November 2 2016, 10:07 AM 

any luck on this ??

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