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Tired of being shamed by the partys old farts

May 11 2004 at 9:14 PM
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mark sherhart  (no login)

I am 45 yrs. old, a small business owner for 14 yrs., and have always been a Democrat. I will get right to the point. Below are the reasons I am voting as an independant this time around. I am tired of being ashamed to be a Dem. I am also an ex-Marine. (74-80) and Kerry has NEVER voted to strengthen the military! Not of his own accord. He needs to shut his mouth when it comes to honor. If you know all there is to know about him, you would understand why he panders to whom ever is standing in front of him at any given time.

1. Clinton was a total embarrasment to the party, myself, our country, and humanity. We all make mistakes, but he repeatedly lied, and spent most of his time and energy trying to salvage his dignity and do damage control, instead of running the country. He had many chances to get Osama and blew it. Poor Hillary is the one that was hurt the worst, but we all suffered from his lack of common sense. Had this happened to Bush, Impeachment would be our war-cry. HE LOST THE LAST ELECTION,,,,,IT WASN'T STOLLEN!!
2. We acted like tiny, imature todlers when we lost the election,,,,,fair and square and to the letter of the law!! Why couldn't our leaders allow us to bow out gracefully, with dignity??? The farse that almost would not go away {our lawsuits and appeals etc,} hurt the country. It seems a fact that our leaders don't care if it destroys our country, or hurts us and shames us, as long as we win!!! At all costs??? We look so patheticly desperate lately, I want no part of it. We need back-bone to lead this country in these times. NOT flip-flop-flip-flop-should I- shouldn't I??????
3. We have leaders that were klu-kluk-klan leaders!!!! What in Gods name are our leaders thinking.
4. The party has moved so far left, I am gone!!!! I will not support a culture of entitlement, affirmative action, welfare and socialism. One of the reasons Canada can afford Socialized Medicine is the fact that they do not need to support a millitary, We have protected them and supported thier economy thier entire existense. Almost all Dems I have talked to lately agree. Unless they are a minority of corse.
5. When these photos came out showing prison abuse, our lowly party not only politisized it, knowing that some one might be abused worse than usuall while abducted by terrorists,,, they not only sunk to new lows but asked for money at the end of thier fake acting for the camera!!! I swear, I have never been shamed so badly. STUPID!!! Our leaders are so stupid lately, so desperate to win , so whiney!!! I CAN NOT LAY DOWN WITH DOGS. I WILL EVENTUALLY GET FLEAS, OR SOMETHING VERY MUCH WORSE. Our leaders are so angry, they have lost all common sense. We come across as bad losers that are desperate and will grasp at anything that just might make Bush look bad. YOU IDIOTS!!! HE MAKES HIMSELF DO THAT. WE ONLY LOOK DESPERATE. KERRY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOVE MAKING IT A POLITICAL WEDGE, AND TOLD NATIONAL TV THAT HE REFUSES TO POLITISIZE IRAQ ANY MORE BECAUSE IT IS BAD FOR THWE COUNTRY. AT LEAST WE WILL BE ABLE TO LOOK OURSELVES IN THE MIRROR. WE CAN'T DO THAT LATELY, IF YOU ARE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. WE LOOK FOOLISH, DAMN IT.

Lastly, I can not vote for Kerry knowing he would be a horible leader right now. Durring peace time, yes. War time, NO NO NO!!! Get on the internet and read the accounts from ALL the men who faught with him, and you will agree. He is un-fitt to lead. Period. At least Bush is stead fast and knows what he stands for. No surprizes. The better of two evils, at least in my view. If the party moves any farther left, I am gone.

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