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The most dangerous people in America

March 3 2006 at 2:37 AM
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jim  (Login tinman01)

The most dangerous people in america are the voters. Our country is in a crisis. We are at war, We have a record deficet and our elected representitives are in chaos.
Look at our goverment as a business you owned. Our reps are managers you have hired the prez is your CEO. Hmmm in my business I would clean house. We are at war and the best our reps can do is point fingers at each other. Last time I checked they voted to go to war. Our reps are crying that our troops don't have quality body armor. Look at the pork attached to the latest def budget. Is this the best they can do? Is this our expectation? Then maybe , no its definetly time we raise the bar. They should be fired. Quite simply they suck. It doesn't matter if you agree with the war or why we are there. The fact remains we are there. Lets give our soldiers the equipment they need to win. Lets modify our spending to reflect the money we have. We are indebt to CHINA. They are not exactly a friend of the usa. We hear crying on the hill about failed social programs. Programs that have been in place longer than I have been alive. Lets face it either they can be fixed or the the guys in office don't care enough to try. where I work we are held accountable for poor performance shouldn't we hold the politicians at every level accountable? After all we pay the salary. When Military leaders allow failure or screw up our politicians are quick to hang them out to dry. Isn't time we held them to the high standard we both deserve and expect? Lets vote them out of office. ALL OF THEM. If they were a car we would junk it. But we only have the option to repair this one. A tune up is out of the question its to far gone.It needs a complete overhaul. No we don't need a new constitution the one we have is awsome. we just need fresh blood, honest blood in office. If the next group fails we fire them too.

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Re: The most dangerous people in America

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March 9 2006, 3:55 PM 

The most dangerous man in America => Geroge W Bush.
I'm saying this with no political bias or left-right wing orientation. I think we all have to realise the extent of his reign has given Americans a bad name throughout the world. Me being a european have strongly seen this. Many of my friends use to love American culture and it's values, but have changed their minds due to disillusion of the war in Iraq and Bush's basic attitude towards of things. I've also attended an international school an where I have observed these relations between american and other students. America has really taken a great step back with your president, not good news.

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