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October 14 2001 at 5:10 AM
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Response to Pledge of Allegiance in schools.....

My 'rumblings' on that are mentioned somewhere below. One of the first questions I asked when all this started was, 'okay, when do we bring the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer back to the schools?' President Bush said, 'you either are with us, or you're not' .... granted it was directed to other Countries, but I personally think it should be taken the same within this Country. Listening to talk radio in NY on the way home from VA, someone called in because one particular school wanted to play the National Anthem each morning and some parent called and complained that that is 'forcing' them to be Patriotic ... my first thought is ... okay, fine, don't be Patriotic ... try the next flight to the Middle East!! Not very nice, I know, but I did think it, sorry. But, I DON'T think it's FORCING anyone to do anything ....... I think that FINALLY people should realize that this PC/Liberal stuff should work BOTH WAYS!!! Maybe we've gone TOO far with this sort of thing. I know many times, I've just backed off, kept my mouth shut so as not to 'offend' a 'bleeding heart' .... but as I said before, my husband said, and I agree, 'all bets are off on that stuff now'! To even go further ..... by NOT allowing Prayer (or at least a moment of silence, which doesn't hurt a soul ... you can do whatever you want during that moment ... praise Allah if that's your choice, I don't care!) but by NOT allowing that moment, and the Pledge to be said, MY RIGHTS are being infringed upon. Too many people have stifled their own preferences and beliefs for too long in order to preserve the leftist rights .... what about ours??? This Country was based on Patriotism and founded on the belief in God (I just came from Colonial Williamsburg ... trust me, it's true! lol!)..... no one is telling anyone WHAT particular God .... but Freedom to choose. By NOT allowing our children to say the Pledge and worship, or at least have the 'choice', we are violating just those principles this Country was founded upon. And, part of the reason alot of young people today live the way they do, think the way they do, and have no respect for the Military or what this Country stands for is that they just don't know. They don't know because they grew up with all this freedom, taken for granted and NOT knowing alot of the history of this Country, the 'how' of what we have. As I said before .... it didn't 'just happen', no 'Good Fairy' just brought it!! They don't appreciate it because they don't know any better. Okay, the Viet Nam War was a terrible war .... but we still fought it and thousands died for it ...... even my own kids didn't know much about it. I didn't like that war, but I didn't demonstrate against it was still our Country and I supported our Troops ..... they were/are Americans for cripes sake! After my son enlisted we did alot of 'history' around here ..... my kids didn't know alot, thank you very much, Marshfield HS! Alot of kids today just think they have the right to do anything, anytime for any reason .... we, some of us anyway, have done that, maybe not intentionally, but we've done it just the same .... not enough 'Family Values' if you ask me, (and even if you didn't aks!) .... there just doesn't seem to be any rules anymore for so many things. In any event, point is .... if we don't at least expose our young people to the choice of some form of prayer/worship .... they have no basis for choice .... if we don't at least expose them to Patriotism and knowledge of this fine Country and how lucky they are to be here ..... how will they ever know? I'm not knocking other point of views here .... all I'm saying is I think there should be equal time on both sides!! Bring on that Flag, that Pledge, that song .... and Prayer, or a moment of silence!!! We ALL should have the right to choose. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now and head for my bunker!!!

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