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Treading wher angels fear to tread...

July 8 2002 at 6:51 PM
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Response to Being submissive to a country that would like to destroy our very existence?

I just have to reply. I love you Uncle Bill, respect you and actually appreciate it when you get discussions started. But in my lifetime, I don't believe I have seen anyone more able to go round and around in circles like you can. Takes a quick mind, I must admit. But...Laamie did NOT mean the people of Afghanistan and you know it. Unfortunately, our present day enemy chooses to hide among civilian populations! And because of that, (NOT our choice!) they become targets. As to the remark, that we could become targets using the same logic we are using to go after Iraq...yeah, probably so! It has occurred to me more than once. But what is your answer to this? Do we completely disarm and sit here like sitting ducks and tell ourselves that since we want to play fair and be nice, no one is going to bother us(as in blow us off the face of the earth)? Sounds like a stinky catch-22 to me or more like damned if you, damned if you don't! And references to how during WWII, the Secretary of State appealed to American Manufacturers to NOT sell planes to any country that would use them to destroy civilians...well, two things I would point out here. One that world has gone know, the one that didn't include terrorists with absolutely no conscience whatsoever! And two, well, the Secretary of State appealed to who? the American People, the Military...nah...the MANUFACTURERS! And unfortunately that segment of the population always has and always will be motivated by the almighty dollar and NOT appeals to civilised decency. Maybe you should blame them. As for advancing the cause of "civilised" conduct, well it seems to me that we seem to be one of the few countries left that at least tries to operate in that manner...and no we don't always hit the mark. But don't talk to me about civilised when my son informs me that if he were to be in an action that he can NOT wear a bullet proof vest or anything of that nature because that goes against the Rules of War! Do you think the "other side" thinks like this?! Are we the only ones left TRYING to play by the rules?! We may or may not be responsible for present conditions in the world...and I think a healthy discussion would show we are not blameless, but we DID NOT create this mess in a vacuum...others share the blame.

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