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Heathen....10 years on!

May 21 2012 at 10:14 PM

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Nothing remains......

Ominus warning you might suggest from a man who had a major part in shaping and directing culture over the previous 4 decades. David Bowie had returned and before the end of the first track you already knew this was going to be a cracking album that would finally put an end to the "Best album since Scary Monsters" quotes that the media had been rolling out over the past ten years or so.

It was May 22, 2002 that I received my advance copy of the new Bowie album. The morning was a sharp clear day with the sun keeping me warm as I walked the streets of my local area, discman in hand and Heathen playing for the first time.

The coming months provided some magical live shows to back up what many critics were calling one of the albums of the year. It seemed Bowie was back once more for a final push at showing the kids how to be cool.

Somehow ten long years have now passed since this album was released. Back then we enjoyed a solid 18 months of unforgettable live shows and even a follow up album just over a year later. Sadly it was to be Bowie's last great push in music circles. In the following months that soon gathered into years all we had to enjoy were a handful of film and stage appearences in a career that began to, shall we say, slip away......

Thank you David Bowie. Thank you for a wonderful 18 month period of life where I visited many beautiful cities to see your concerts, enjoyed countless bootlegs from the Heathen and A Reality tours, met many wonderful fans the world over and most of all, thank you for providing us with your last truly great album.

In the coming days may I suggest you find a quiet space, settle in and give Heathen a spin. A truly great record on every front from an artist who came from a differant time and proceeded to shape our destiny.

Ohh, for those of you yet to enjoy the beauty of Heathen may I suggest you pick yourself up a copy on the way home from work today, take it home with you and explore something you should have done in 2002.

Heathen. Ten years on and like a fine wine it gets better with age.

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