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Ryko Exclusives

June 11 2012 at 10:24 AM
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birotheleggy  (Login biro_the_leggy)
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So - I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of tracks / mixes that were only available on cd via the Ryko releases...

Conversation Piece (Mono)
Lightning Frightening (Edit, Mono)
Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud (B-Side Version without the Paul Buckmaster intro)
Quicksand (demo)
The Bewlay Brothers (Alternate Mix)
Round And Round (original mix, as on S+V)
Sweet Head (without chatter for the intro)*
John I'm Only Dancing (1979 Mix)
Sweet Head (without that chatter on the intro)
Win (Mix)
Fascination (Mix)
Right (Mix)
It's Gonna Be Me (original version w/o strings)
I Pray, Olé
Look Back In Anger (1988)
Space Oddity (1980 Version)
Fame '90
Joe The Lion (1991 Remixed Version)
Sound & Vision (1991 Remix)

+ David Live - the mix is a bit different, but I don't know if this would count - as it's not as remarkably different, as say - the "Stage" album (but - I do have to say, I prefer the Ryko mix of "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" (at least for when I make compilations / playlists that consists of studio recordings, as there isn't much audience noise / 'ambience'))

+ Stay and Word on a Wing (live) ... it's been a while since I listened to them, but I recall the mix on the Ryko version being 'just ok' although, I think on the more recent release of those tracks, they might've revised / edited the vocals...

+ Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture, reasonably different mix... but not exactly a good one

...and I'm sure that there must be some exclusives on the original Ryko S+V, but I never bought the newer version... so I'm not sure. I know, for example that the original Box had "the Prettiest Star" in mono, and it wasn't until that '74/'79 compilation that you could get it in stereo (but did they switch out the mono version for the stereo when the Re-Release of S+V came out?)

is that all of them?

I didn't include: Some Are (available on 'iSelect'), All Saints (can be found on 'All Saints') Crystal Japan (can be found on 'All Saints'), Panic in Detroit (available on 'Heathen')

* I originally didn't include 'Sweat Head' as it's exactly the same version as on the Ziggy 30th... bbbbuuuuuttttt - I did include "Wild Eyed Boy..." and the only difference is chatter on the intro as well...

...and now looking at - the original "Round and Round" (as released on the first version of S+V) was also included on the Ziggy 30th... but Ruud's site mentions that even that track is in lower sound quality than previous releases... so I'll keep it up in that list

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