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July 14 2012 at 12:24 PM

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When I said it wasn't Bowie's best moment I think I should make clear that his voice was on fine form that day and the make shift band did the best job they could under the circumstance.

It's just the whole thing whilst ground breaking at the time just didn't sit right with me as far as Bowie's positioning with regards to who he was supposed to be was concerned. I defended Bowie against those who said he had sold out by doing Let's Dance etc by using the argument that he was just changing himself again like he always did, but it's when I witnessed this along with other events / projects that he got involved in like Freddie M's tribute thing that it really dawned on me that Bowie had indeed lost the plot, you could say the blinkers well and truly came off and the true extent of his folly was becoming apparent to me. I've never really liked Bowie in suits and let's be honest that was a bloody awful cheap looking man from C&A suit, as for the hairstyle just what was going on with the front of it?

The intention from Bowie was honourable, but Live Aid was a classic case of putting a great cause and it's idea and execution before what was actually best for the artist. I know I sound harsh and possibly selfish and ungrateful, but there comes a time when you have to put ones self before a supposed greater cause, in this case db admirably thought he was doing the right thing when in reality he was committing a form of artistic suicide.

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