Brewed beer, went to a Pinball Museum, an Aquarium and a Car Show

by BLT

Over the long weekend I brewed a Black Butte porter clone, then took the family to the Seattle Aquarium for a fun afternoon followed up by a visit to the Seattle Pinball Museum where for $7 you can play all you want on the machines they have (they are all set for free play after you pay the admission fee). I talked to the guys who run it and they helped me out with servicing my machine too, really nice people and a GREAT time. Monday was the local Cruise/Car Show when they shut down the downtown and hold a giant car show, this year it was about 8 city blocks worth of cars. One problem, my girlfriend gave away the Toronado grill I had been saving for Doc, she just wanted it out of the garage. It went to a guy with a nicely restored Toronado. He said if he didn't use it, it would go to his car club...

Posted on Jun 1, 2011, 2:44 PM

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  1. Oh, yummy. Stu Friedberg, Jun 1, 2011


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