I've been thinking about similar Scooters, too.

by Snowtroll

But my route is 30Km one way(23Km off-peak hours as I can take a shortcut through a tunnel, then. Driving the tunnel at peak hours is suicide... It's the straightest 2.7Km around, and with people hurrying to reach the jams on the road into town... )

They've recently put up a 'charging station' on a parking spot outside the office(well, a couple of outlets, really), so I guess I might be able to use that.

My favorite fishing spot(a bridge on the Atlantic Ocean Road...) is almost exactly 30Km away, and there there's no possibility of a recharge.
What is the weight-carrying capacity of one of those scooters?
(If there's spare capacity it may be possible to add an extra battery or two... )

Some companies that like to show their 'green' profile are also setting up charging stations in their parking lots. IKEA is one of them.

Posted on Jun 15, 2011, 1:04 PM

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