Re: Since When is wearing Latex Golves and a Hoodie Illegal?

by Nohbody

Had he just casually walked out afterward, no one probably would've thought too much of it. Wearing fall gear in the summer may seem a bit unusual to some, but no more than the usual variations of normal human behavior.

However, given that he rushed out like he was in a hurry to get away (he was, if for another reason), and was seen without a package he previously had with him on the way in, while the school may have overreacted (and the prosecution definitely overreacted by whipping out a felony charge) it's not exactly a case of 2+2=cucumber, either.

Posted on Jul 7, 2011, 5:47 AM

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  1. I gotta disagree a bit. Z50, Jul 7, 2011
    1. Re: I gotta disagree a bit. Nohbody, Jul 7, 2011
      1. I did re-read the article after I hit reply.... Z50R, Jul 7, 2011
        1. The charges. Nohbody, Jul 7, 2011
          1. The charge. Lordlundar, Jul 7, 2011
            1. "...which we had to call emergency services for...". Solar, Jul 7, 2011
              1. Well, lets see here. Lordlundar, Jul 8, 2011
                1. False.... Solar, Jul 9, 2011
                  1. Are you an idiot?. Snowtroll, Jul 9, 2011
                  2. Fine, you want to debate, lets go for it. Lordlundar, Jul 9, 2011
                    1. .... Solar, Jul 9, 2011
                      1. What would have happened?. Snowtroll, Jul 9, 2011


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