Now I lay me down to Roast...

by MephitMark

Many years ago (try 25), while suffering through a miserable heat wave, I came up with the following prayer 'revisal'. And thought that with the current heat wave (at least here in Minnesota & surrounding areas), that it would be appropriate to post it for many to enjoy.

Now I lay me down to roast
I hope that I do not toast
And if I should fry before I poach
I hope I do not char-broil!

Posted on Jul 16, 2011, 11:31 PM

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  1. I'm really regretting doing the MSF motorcycle safety course this weekend.... Dulie, Jul 17, 2011
    1. Builds Character!. Daniel Meyer, Jul 17, 2011
      1. It was a character builder.... Dulie, Jul 20, 2011
    2. Boohoo.... Renegade_Azzy, Jul 17, 2011
      1. Eh, you were lucky.... Ian, Jul 18, 2011
      2. We had to wait for a thunderstorm.... Dulie, Jul 20, 2011
    3. At least you get to ride at the MSF course.. Skreemer, Jul 18, 2011
      1. I got 36 of 48 right......... Squirlly, Jul 20, 2011
        1. most of this stuff is common sense.. Skreemer, Jul 20, 2011
          1. At least here in Central Ohio "Common Sence Ain't so Common Anymore" :sigh: N/T. Squirlly, Jul 21, 2011
        2. Or. Renegade_Azzy, Jul 22, 2011


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