There's a couple other web comics...

by J, Cook

21st Century Fox seems to have a pretty good take on it, but is more realistic in terms of size scaling. (clean room for rodents = Habitrail) Similar concept with the now-ended Suburban Jungle.

There are a couple of shared universes where humans are transformed into various species of furries, with the bulk of the stories being how life goes on after the event horizon (or, in the case of the universe known as The Blind Pig the 'event horizon' is an extraterrestrial virus that mutates people in some form or degree, and breaks a few physics laws at the same time.)

Posted on Oct 2, 2011, 9:39 AM

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  1. Other webcomics..... Doc Nickel, Oct 2, 2011
    1. I remember a book..... Eric, Oct 2, 2011
      1. Interesting.... J. Cook, Oct 2, 2011
      2. RIFTS the rpg system had something simular. FireFrenzy, Oct 2, 2011
        1. RIFTS, meh.... Andrick, Oct 3, 2011
          1. Yeah and they ripped off every mythology EVER... Just like everyone else.... FireFrenzy, Oct 3, 2011
            1. There's still some originality.. Kitkun, Oct 3, 2011
              1. True.... FireFrenzy, Oct 3, 2011
            2. Actually, I was saying they ripped themselves off.. Andrick, Oct 3, 2011
      3. The "Moreau" series by S. Andrew Swann?. Anonymous Coward, Oct 3, 2011
    2. Looking for world-building in all the wrong places.. Andrick, Oct 2, 2011
      1. Put simply.... Kitkun, Oct 3, 2011
        1. only to a limit. wolf13, Oct 4, 2011
          1. It also gets worse.... Eric, Oct 4, 2011


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