Big business has been the problem.

by MephitMark

To often of late Josh, the big business has been the crux of the this nations problems. Not in all cases, but way to predominately to be over looked.

Especially since the largest corporations hold over 90% of the wealth and only employ less then 10% of the work force. While the small businesses employ over 90% of the work force, but hold less then 10% of the wealth.

The big cash and unjustly influence our government in the favor of big money, and often to the detriment of the over all else.

So what is the anser? .......................... It sure isn't communism, or other extreme socialism. I'm struggling with how to render a solid 'fix' to prevent abuses like we are seeing. But keep coming up against the same problem. And that is us. We need to fix how humans are in total as a society. And that is a big question yet again.

I don't know. How can we ever come up with a answer to everything?

And please don't say the answer if 42.

Posted on Oct 6, 2011, 12:00 AM

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  1. Of course the answer isn't "42". Nohbody, Oct 6, 2011
  2. Big Business being over looked?. pbjosh, Oct 6, 2011
    1. Re: Big Business being over looked?. Nohbody, Oct 6, 2011
      1. Chrony has been on my mind-. pbjosh, Oct 6, 2011
    2. Josh, you must have a serious foot fetish.. MephitMark, Oct 6, 2011
      1. Validation of inital point:. pbjosh, Oct 6, 2011
        1. Regarding any China USA comparison. Oblama, Oct 7, 2011
          1. I am accounting for percentage of global output(volume)- per:. pbjosh, Oct 7, 2011


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