What the???

by MephitMark

Okay, my first thought is that this guy should have looked seriously in the mirror before writing word one. The second thought was what was he 'smoking' before hand.

His definition of a intellectual is flawed first off. An earlier post that thinking through a problem/situation is the use of intellect. By that stretch, is righting a fictional story being an intellectual? Shakespeare was using his intellect to create his plays was he not?

The author is just as guilty of making assumptions based on an idea, as those he decries. And unfortunately there are many in our government. I had a instructor years ago that had worked in the MN state government. He was instructed to write a document where all the facts and conclusions supported his boss. Even though it was all bunk. It is how to often things get done. Both in government work, and private business.

Oh, one point about Marx, his basis of communism worked in part, only if there were no children and there were no infirm (old or crippled) people. Marx kind of forgot certain key facts.

And if Freud was completely wrong, then why is most of his work the foundation of modern psychology?

Posted on Oct 14, 2011, 10:12 AM

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