Yeh, but we simply have to check the dipstick and top off from time to time.

by Someone

Personally, I like dropping off a pint at the local Vampire Club every few months (blood bank). By comparison, a little cut or nick is nothing to worry about.

Paper towel with masking tape = Redneck Bandaid
Paper towel with electrical tape -> hard to remove residue
... with duct tape -> only if no other tape is available
... with teflon pipe tape -> Now you're being silly.

Carburetor cleaner does not make a good disinfectant. Neither does brake cleaner.

When starting a hacksaw on a short piece of metal held in a vise, be wary of the blade jumping off and onto your finger. It hurts.
Likewise, when sharpening a chainsaw, use gloves to move the chain around. Otherwise, your bare thump will run across a freshly sharpened tooth.
Model airplane propellers are an excellent way of removing skin from knuckles. Especially when the engine is running.
Ever notice how, when the wrench slips on a nut or bolt head while your hand is buried deep inside the car, it's always the most painful part of the hand that hits the protruding sheet metal on the other side. It's also never a flat, smooth surface that stops the hand, either.
No matter where you are under the car, the stream of gasoline or brake fluid will always hit you in the face.
Gasoline also burns as it's dripping down your arm and off your shoulder. Both hand will be needed at the time to keep the entire tank from draining, too.

Finally, remember to clean up blood spots quickly. They'll promote rust on the machinery before you can blink.

Posted on Oct 23, 2011, 10:43 PM

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