Re: A good question...

by Nohbody

Naturally, of course, I'd like to see bigger donations.

Of course. happy.gif

But my usual answer is; whatever you feel the artwork is worth to you. Plenty of people only donate a dollar, the occasional few give $20 or so. The rare patron has given $50, or even more.

If I may, I would suggest a donation of around $5 or $10. More, if you can spare it or enjoy the artwork. These wallpapers take time- I probably have about eight in this one, not counting what it took to update the page.

Yeah, I realize that even for expert artists (which you have in the past said you're not, as I recall) images don't just magically materialize on paper or the screen.

My problem is that what I think a work is worth in monetary terms tends to exceed what spare cash is available. Someone needs to invent shorter months so I have more money at the end of them, dammit. :P

In any case, I'll be throwing some bucks your way in a minute. happy.gif

Posted on Oct 26, 2011, 5:23 AM

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