That's not a bad idea....

by Doc Nickel

I've had vague ideas of something like that for a while now- not necessarily tools in general, but more of a TV-show format product review thing, or a how-to for simple things like cleaning a marker or something.

The only real problem with something like that, is that it's hard to jam a nice review or even a lightly-detailed how-to, into just three to five panels. And breaking a longer one up into segments is almost as hard, trying to keep each strip at least mildly amusing without wandering too far off topic.

It's not impossible, of course, and I do, in fact, already have stacks of notes or suggestions for things to that effect, I just haven't fund the right inspiration or enthusiasm for it yet. happy.gif

As for the next story arc, the next week or so will be more or less random nonsense, a good chunk of January will be the new Cast pages (and probably the occasional strip, even if it's a Scraps) and then we'll head back into the girls getting ready for and going to the tourney.

Not that there won't be other things in there, or the usual holiday sidetracks and the like, but the tourney is the only thing I have planned at the moment.


Posted on Dec 26, 2011, 2:55 PM

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