+1 no-necks

by Maker of Toys

. . . I've always thought that even if it was a cop-out, it was at least a stylistically distinct cop-out.

that said, If you're allergic to squirrels, Doc, I could see Larry and Darryl as Labradors or other well-meaning but generally clueless breed of dog. (Peek-n-sneeze? Chiwowowowas?)
That said: domestic cats make pretty good foils, too. . . . and they have plenty of options for markings, just to keep you from getting bored.

Posted on Jan 4, 2012, 2:04 PM

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  1. Thinking on it more. . .. Maker of Toys, Jan 4, 2012
    1. "Cool" species.... Doc Nickel, Jan 5, 2012
      1. especially considering.... Sean T, Jan 5, 2012
        1. Well, not unless they've got the perfect job. Bruce Bergman, Jan 5, 2012
          1. that would be 'broken plot device' n/t. Maker of Toys, Jan 5, 2012
            1. yeah but i would trust "daddy" more then doc when it comes to nuclear powered clothing. FireFrenzy, Jan 7, 2012
      2. Yes, they are cool indeed. Anonymous Coward, Jan 5, 2012
      3. Re: "Cool" species.... Xodiac, Jan 5, 2012
        1. Yes and no.... Doc Nickel, Jan 5, 2012
      4. Ah, my type of man.. Tobias Amaranth, Jan 6, 2012
        1. Don't get me wrong.... Doc Nickel, Jan 6, 2012


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