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by Ari

I was supposed to be informed when they liquidated the assets of my department at Kean University. Ended up being an backroom deal where they sold my blood, sweat, and tears to a scrap man somebody knew.

My experience in the labs there and at Farmingdale was that the equipment was carefully monitored when in use. The professors would use them for their own projects.

That said, the school wasn't making money on those labs, and thus never had the money available to make sure the equipment was kept calibrated. We had an enclosed Fadal 5-axis that had developed such a bad misalignment that there was a 1/8" drop across the x-axis.

Don't expect these to be turn-key machines. Still, expect them to probibly work, or be broken in a really stupid and easy to fix way.

My experience fighting tin-worm in NJ is less likely in AZ, too.

Arizona State was one of the four schools we were considdering when Kean closed the Manufacturing program.

Posted on Feb 5, 2012, 5:06 AM

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