Out of curiosity; closed PB businesses?

by Doc Nickel

A couple of the posts below brought to mind several paintball companies from back in the day that have closed down for whatever reason. In a fit of nostalgia, I started wondering how many there were, and which ones I've forgotten about over the years.

So, let's list 'em.

Anything goes, but we need details, if you can. Whether it's a full-sized company like Smart Parts, or a magazine like Paint Check, or a relatively small shop like Idema Combat Systems, or a single guy in a garage like Punisher.

Let's see how much detail we can get. An example would be something like:

"Smart Parts, manufacturer, circa 1988 to 2010, closed due to overextended financing when the recession hit."

(In cases where it's known, like SP, additional details like "sank too much money at a bad time into promoting inferior .50 cal" would be a good addition.)

Anyone or anything you can think of that's no longer in the paintball biz. Manufacturers (Smart Parts, PneuVentures- and name the guns or parts they made) magazines (Paint Check, P8nt Magazine) distributors (888 Paintball) high-profile stores (Olympic, and is Boston Paintball still open?) notable airsmiths (Brad Nestle, Punisher) and so on.

A starting list to prime the memory-pump, in no particular order. Some of you may be able to fill in the details for us:

Canadian Brass Eagle (Cobra pump, Jaguar, Nightmare)
Pre-Daisy US Brass Eagle (Stingray, Talon)
Daisy-owned Brass Eagle (Stingray, Tigershark, Rainmaker)
Self-owned Brass Eagle (Stingray, Tigershark, Rainmaker, Raptor)
WDP (Angel)
WGP ('Cockers) (are these guys gone? They sold out to K2, so the company up to the sale applies.)
Paint Check Magazine
Paintball Sports International Magazine
Paintball Player's Bible Magazine
Paintball 2Extremes Magazine
Paintball RAGazine
Splat Magazine
P8nt Magazine
Is Epic still around? Making the ICE Epic "boltless" marker?
ICD (Bushmaster, Freestyle- I hear they still make a few PB parts, but no whole markers)
AKA I'm not sure about- are they still making Tornados?
Andy Greenwell (Blade marker)
TASO (a distributor, I think they got bought out by PMI)
PMI (who I think got bought out by Crosman/Sheridan)
Diamond Labs
Is J&J, the brass barrel place, still around?
Glenn Palmer (retired)
Tom Kaye (more or less retired... wait, is he still making those compressors?)
Whoever made the Satco 700
F.A.S.Tech (original Illustrator)
Line SI (Bushmaster pump, ProMaster)
Is Govnair still around in the UK?
How about Nitro Duck? Or rather, Paintball Games Supplies, I think it was called?
Air America (HPA tanks, incl. the Apocalypse and Armageddon)
HyperSportsWorks (guy's name was John something, I think, had a fire in his shop, couldn't afford to rebuild, made shoebox Shocker accessories including grip frames)
Whatever company made the "Alien" marker, or the Omen, or the Nova and SuperNova
Ditto the Storm, Master, Scorpion and Top Gun.
There was a guy by name of Alexander Rose, that had a doodad called the Zander Hose heater
Sam Tussing (used to make LP mods for the TS-1 and a bunch of PGP mods. He and his jeweler buddy coined the term "Tinker's Guild" and said I could use it here for this site.)
Al Mollick (Apparently had suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident, and when unmedicated, was prone to posting epic screeds about taking over the PB industry. Had a webpage called "Al's Porno and Paintball", which, to use a TVTrope, was exactly what it said on the tin. Claimed to have "invented" the drop-forward, and did, in fact, have more than a few good ideas, but was largely unable to implement them I suspect in large part due to the aformentioned affliction.)
Rhino Joe, tended to specialize in Rainmaker mods, supposedly got bored and went over to RC cars
Montneel (Icon, Z-1, Mega-Z)
Two or three other people that made Icon clones, like the Checkmate
Is Pro-Team still around? Micromags, VM bodies, accessories like 'Mag bolts and inline filters?
Skanline (store/distributor)
I&I Sports (also a store/distributor, they're still around, I think, but got out of the PB biz in favor of selling cheap martial-arts and airsoft equipment.)
Who made the "Ricochet" loader? Are they still around?
KC (the KC NoHotShots regulator)
Jim Drew (what was his biz, Wicked Air Sports?)
Northarc (Morlock, MiniMorlock, Gladiator, Glacier, Cheetah, etc. etc.)
Vents (Vents predator goggles)
Scott Racing (still around, but I don't think they make PB goggles anymore, do they?)
UVEX (not really a PB supplier, but were an early brand of goggle- UVEX later prohibited the use of their goggles in projectile sports.)
LAPCO (When Colin owned it anyway, he was bought out or kicked out a few years ago.)
Cooper-T (he passed away, I believe, and his son was going to liquidate the remaining inventory)
Gramps & Grizzly (an airsmith shop in, I think, California)
Fred Moulton (the artist behind the old "Sgt. Splatter" comics in APG, and some early PB T-shirts)
Durty Dan (Canadian PB writer, drifted away as he didn't like the modern fast-paced case-and-a-half-per-game tourney version of paintball)
I think Ken "Hollywood" Guilder is still writing for PB News, isn't he? Though I have to admit I'm not sure even PB News is still being printed...)

I could sit here and rack my brains for even more, and I'm sure there's a bunch I've forgotten- which is kind of the point of the post happy.gif - but I'm sure a lot of you can fill in a lot of the blanks.

Who else have we forgotten?


Posted on Feb 16, 2012, 4:29 PM

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  1. afaik shocktech is still around. bunker_o_matic, Feb 16, 2012
  2. Well, um... Me.. Hans, Feb 16, 2012
    1. And down below.... Doc Nickel, Feb 16, 2012
      1. Rebline Trojan. USI/Apache. hp_lovecraft, Feb 18, 2012
        1. See, that's the detail.... Doc Nickel, Feb 19, 2012
          1. Rubber bands. Renegade_Azzy, Feb 19, 2012
  3. Dunno, who's missing?. Timberwolf, Feb 16, 2012
    1. action markers? the diadem people?..nt. Ken Newell, Feb 16, 2012
      1. That's Them. Timberwolf, Feb 16, 2012
      2. action marker. smorizio, Feb 17, 2012
        1. Wasn't there...?. Doc Nickel, Feb 17, 2012
          1. The body was definitely cocker-ish.... Timberwolf, Feb 17, 2012
            1. Except that.... Doc Nickel, Feb 17, 2012
              1. AM didn't cave to the lawsuit..... Hans, Feb 17, 2012
                1. I have a PDF of their fax response here.. Chris Mader, Feb 17, 2012
          2. Going to show you how long I have been around....LOL. Pneuman, Feb 17, 2012
            1. Here is some more. SLICEnDICE, Feb 23, 2012
  4. Further musings.... Doc Nickel, Feb 17, 2012
    1. Pretty much needs its own website. Hans, Feb 17, 2012
      1. Not really.... Doc Nickel, Feb 17, 2012
  5. There was a thread on MCB last month-ish about the ICE Epic. Surestick, Feb 17, 2012
    1. Vintagerex.com has a lot of this information. robertsr1811, Feb 17, 2012
  6. Jim Drew. QatHome, Feb 17, 2012
    1. I wonder for how long he can last in that industry, based on reports. Will, Feb 19, 2012
  7. Boston Paintball is still open. BishopX, Feb 17, 2012
  8. Zenitram Manufacturing (gone from paintball, but still a job shop as always). paul, Feb 18, 2012
  9. Unique Sporting Goods & Redz.... Thru-Hiker, Feb 19, 2012


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