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by Doc Nickel

... You mentioned USI, too. I can't recall what the acronym stood for, but they made the USI Destroyer (a potato-cannon style bazooka) and what was the other one... the Patriot? An inline blowback similar to the Model 98, but had a regulator at the back end like an Automag.

I think they had a pump, too...

And, that same inline design was later used in the Mirage, another one of those companies I can't recall the name of the manufacturer.

And speaking of pumps, there was the TM-11A, the Razorback, the Outlaw, the Wintec, and the NW-89 and NW-90. Gimme a little while and I might be able to recall the makers of each of those, but feel free to pipe up in the meantime.

Who was the shop that did the "Tip-n'-Strip" mod for the 68 Special? How about the guy that made the "Frank Guns"? Or the brass PGP-based Anhiliator? (There was also an Obliterator.)

Ah, RebLine is another- started out making Nelson upgrades, eventually made a whole Nelson clone (including one in solid brass, complete with silencer, in a fitted attache case.)

Any others?


Posted on Feb 16, 2012, 6:56 PM

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  1. Rebline Trojan. USI/Apache. hp_lovecraft, Feb 18, 2012
    1. See, that's the detail.... Doc Nickel, Feb 19, 2012
      1. Rubber bands. Renegade_Azzy, Feb 19, 2012


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