Yep, we do...

by Doc Nickel

No ethanol up here. It's a piss-poor cold weather fuel, and there'd be riots if they tried to make us use it. Years ago, they tried to get the refiners to add MTBE, an oxygen carrier, to the fuel, but so many people complained of poor performance, a bad smell, or even illness following exposure to fumes, that it was swiftly retracted.

Residues of MTBE were shortly thereafter found in some groundwaters, showing that it didn't fully combust or dissipate, so even had there not been an outcry, they'd have removed it anyway.

Still, you're right. But good, ethanol free gas can last for years. It's not great, as some of the lighter ends evaporate even through the charcoal cannisters and cap vents and such, but I'd rather trust a car I've let sit for five years with old gas, than to hope the battery's held a charge.


Posted on Mar 15, 2012, 3:39 AM

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