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So far, the options I think I want are:

Ability to weld 3/8" aluminum with no fuss, on single-phase input. (I'll probably only ever DO 1/4", but as soon as I say that, you KNOW there'll be something bigger)

Most of the steel will probably be 1/16 to 1/8 wall tube, so that's covered pretty nicely. (unless/until I build a boiler, but I'm planning on farming the welding on that out. If you're planning on sitting next to a bomb, best to be sure it has a LONG fuse.)

AC, (obviously!) with a High-Frequency output function.

Water cooled torch (like Doc, I tend to hold as close to the tip as I can-- a real controllability advantage for the little fiddly stuff.)

I don't think I need the wireless current control capability that Miller is offering. Anyone have an opinion/experience to share?

So the Dynasty 350 is looking pretty attractive, but that MSRP is pretty steep. I may settle for a syncrowave 250... Time to start cruising the shops and Craigslist?

Either way, it's looking like a bigger circuit to the shop might be a good plan. . . Off to Home Despot.

Posted on Apr 7, 2012, 2:44 PM

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  1. Look for a used Dynasty 300DX or 350DX. Stu Friedberg, Apr 11, 2012
    1. Yeah. Used.. Maker Of Toys, Apr 11, 2012
      1. You do have another option - generator, or engine-driven. Bruce Bergman, Apr 14, 2012
        1. Well, I do have that turboshaft engine. . .. Maker Of Toys, Apr 14, 2012
          1. Turboshaft means a serious gear reduction box.... Bruce Bergman, Apr 15, 2012
            1. Mine's a Rover. Maker Of Toys, Apr 15, 2012


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