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Ok. So a friend of mine who knows this place told me about it and told me that this would be a good place to post my Paintball Gear that I'm selling. I'm also trying to figure out how much exactly I should sell it all for, seeing as how they are all in really good condition. Rarely used and properly maintained.

I'm thinking of selling everything for $300 +S&H but unsure of the price.
I have the marker, hopper, barrel, mask, vest, pants, and belt with loaders as well as a 12oz and 20oz C2 tanks.
The pictures are on my photobucket here:

If you guys believe I should change the price or if anyone would like to buy them for what I'm asking for, please let me know.

Posted on Apr 12, 2012, 6:11 PM

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  1. re-prices,ect.. Pife-Ster, Apr 12, 2012
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      1. prices. Pife-Ster, Apr 12, 2012
      2. Hate to say it.... , Apr 13, 2012
        1. you'll have to use non paintball. , Apr 14, 2012
          1. I've basically resigned myself to this.. , Apr 16, 2012

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