TWB: What happened to...

by Nohbody

... Sandy's Egg McMuffin?

Last we saw it she was handing it over to Jake to hold onto, and since then he's not been shown with it.

I realize that the apparent disappearance of Sandy's breakfast is hardly "Holy shit, the world's gonna end!!!" material, but I realized that last night at work, and it was nagging at the back of my mind off and on all night.

(Stocking groceries is hardly a mentally challenging activity, so there's plenty of time for thoughts to wander off into Truly Trivial Trivia(tm).)

Posted on Apr 14, 2012, 2:04 AM

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  1. My guess.... J.Cook, Apr 14, 2012
  2. I think Jake ate it.. Doc Nickel, Apr 14, 2012
    1. Re: I think Jake ate it.. Nohbody, Apr 14, 2012
      1. Well.... Doc Nickel, Apr 15, 2012
        1. Wow. MarkT, Apr 15, 2012
          1. I dont know about you.... irregular logic, Apr 15, 2012
            1. And not on my post? nt. MarkT, Apr 15, 2012
              1. Hmm, the frazzlefritz may need recalibrating.... n/t. Irregular Logic, Apr 16, 2012
        2. Re: Well.... Vulpis, Apr 15, 2012
          1. Re: Well.... Anonymous Coward, Apr 15, 2012
        3. and thats just what he has written on his napkin.... IDN, Apr 15, 2012


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