Mine's a Rover

by Maker Of Toys

that came out of a school thermodynamics laboratory. It has a beefy planetary case on it, and the fuel control is set to regulate for 3000rpm at the output shaft, which puts N1 at about 45000 out of a N1ne of about 48k. (it was set up on a dyno; about a dozen similar are said to exist. Unfortunately, a copper hound got to the dyno before I rescued the engine. It had about 18 hours and 30-odd starts on it when I got it. Best. Dumpster. Dive. EVER.)

The Royal Navy used to use them to drive fire/emergency dewatering pumps, (with a really funky hand-start on them... but boy, can they move water!) and there are reports that the same hot section was used for an APU on the Nimrod and other ASW/ Long-range aircraft with the RAF and FAA. Its big sister ran the Rover turbine car.

Yeah, at about 1lb/hp-hr, fuel usage is lousy at part load, but it'll burn any hydrocarbon you can get atomized in the combustion chamber . . . and, oh, that sound.

Posted on Apr 15, 2012, 10:44 PM

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