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If they ever make a real Easy Button, we'd prefer a "Get Around To It" switch.


8 months after asking the guild for help on finding a grinder, I got a GIB, 8" wheel, Platen, Small wheels; and got moving--found a 70# Columbian and been making pattern weld. Need a proper %#@! TEFC motor to go on this and a proper NEMA III VFD.
The W2 blade on top of the anvil is Timbers--bevels are roughed and gotta take her up the grits but the pattern weld chef's knife's on my back while finishing teaching for the term.

I'll find a box and get her out the door to you this week--Don't worry about the bag of newborns, we'll save tradesies as one of those things we'll "get around to."

Btw Doc--
When you get this up and running do yourself a favor and snag some Norton Blaze belts for hogging, J-flex Hermes (I don't like the splice bump on Klingspor)for clean up, and Trizact Gators for surface finishing.

Thanks for the education over the years.

Posted on Apr 17, 2012, 9:57 PM

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