We need more data

by Doc Nickel

We need a little more information on the conditions and the setup.

Generally speaking, yes, there's dozens of different ways to hold parts down. With a regular hold-down kit, there's "gooseneck" clamps that keep the nut and stud somewhat below the top of the clamp, and for even lower, there's "edge-holding" clamps that bolt directly to the table and push to the side to clamp.

Then there's a huge range of Mitee-Bite clamps, the most common style of which is shown in use here.

Here's a homemade version of the same thing, here's another style of toe clamp, here's a Mitee type with square, serrated faces, a third style of toe clamp, and a fourth, what are called Uniforce clamps, and here's a fixture for holding parts with a round hole.

Lots of different options, but as always, it depends on the part, the setup, the cutting forces, the ease of setup desired, speed of part swapping, etc, etc.


Posted on Apr 30, 2012, 5:50 PM

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