Thanks to all the preorder participants!

by Doc Nickel

My deepest thanks to all those that participated in my Low Budget Temporary Store Relaunch T-Shirt Preorder Run. Additional thanks to those that had the patience for the minor software hiccups, and still more thanks to those that gave such entertaining replies to the checkout pages' bonus question. happy.gif

While it wasn't the biggest preorder run I've ever had, I have to admit the response was greater than I expected. happy.gif Very much appreciated.

All the orders have been tallied, and will be sent to the printer in the morning. The store remains open, with in-stock product (except for the aprons, those are in the works now) and I'll be repopulating it with the rest of my inventory in the next few days.

I got a fair bit for feedback about other shirts and designs, but consider this an open thread on the same subject; what shirts (or even hats and headwraps) would you like to see in the next run? Bring back an old design or two? If so, which ones? Some all-new designs? I have two or three ready to go, but I didn't want to get too carried away in this run, and potentially have to ask the printer to set up for only one or two shirts. How about an old design, but updated with fresh art?


Posted on May 1, 2012, 4:31 AM

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