by Doc Nickel

The "smoke" in this case is a bit of artistic license, helping denote that yes, it was Tawny that shot Pirta. Considering what a mess last week was, it helps remind the reader what was happening.

Although, in reality, yes, given the right conditions a barrel can indeed "smoke". If it's somewhat humid out, the cool air of the shot can cause moisture to condense, forming visible vapor.

Here's a photo I scanned a while back, out of an old copy of Paintball Games International:

[linked image]

I scanned and posted it years ago, in an earlier Guild discussion on two-piece barrels. I showed it as evidence that, even though the tip portion of the barrel is larger than the ball, that some air was indeed forced out of the ports- which showed that there was at least some pressure still behind the ball as it travelled down the ported-and-overbored section.

Note the little wisps of vapor along the barrel- note also it's a pretty humid day, as the guy's goggles are also badly fogged.

Here's another from my ancient archives, taken at one of Sec7G's events back in... what, '96 or so?

[linked image]

Again, kind of a humid day, and you can see that the marker produces a small cloud of vapor as it fires.

Keeping in mind that, in comic time, it's still very early morning, so it's not unreasonable to assume it's still a bit cool and humid.


Posted on May 22, 2012, 3:46 AM

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