by Johnny Logan

OK (cracks knuckles)...

The only way you get zero on a compression gauge is if you have a really big hole or the pistons ain't moving. So, this leaves two things: connecting rods or cam. Since it is HIGHLY unlikely you threw two rods at the same time without any noise, (this only happens in Chrysler 2.2l turbos...) then we need to look at the valves.

Since a valve, probably at least one intake valve, is open, we can assume that a) you have two really bent valves (unlikely), b) two wildly bent pushrods (still unlikely as bent pushrods tend to NOT open valves) c) broken camshaft (more likely given the noises) or d) stuck lifters (very likely, given the same thing happened to me not long ago).

Posted on Jun 4, 2012, 6:40 AM

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  1. agreed. timberwolf, Jun 4, 2012
    1. Disagree. Someone, Jun 4, 2012
      1. Except it's a 454 .... single camshaft.. Hans, Jun 4, 2012
        1. nod :). timberwolf, Jun 4, 2012
    2. I don't think so.. Pneuman, Jun 4, 2012
      1. ***DISTRIBUTOR drive. Engine would not run at all! nt. doh!, Jun 4, 2012
      2. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Hans, Jun 4, 2012
        1. There is still the possibility of wiped cam lobes... HTRN, Jun 4, 2012
          1. Possibilities.... Doc Nickel, Jun 5, 2012
            1. If.... Renegade_Azzy, Jun 5, 2012
              1. Except.... Ze, Jun 5, 2012
                1. Good point. Renegade_Azzy, Jun 12, 2012
            2. Best to take a quick look. PV544, Jun 5, 2012
              1. HEI? Coil is in the distributor. Hard to pull the coil wire.. Johnny Logan, Jun 5, 2012
                1. Doh, "head slap", no coil wire. PV544, Jun 5, 2012
            3. Lifters (and yeah, I'm a Ford guy...). Johnny Logan, Jun 5, 2012
            4. Anyone got a Borescope handy?. MephitMark, Jun 5, 2012
            5. Re: Possibilities.... Corwin, Jun 5, 2012
  2. Valvetrain for those two cylinders. Nighthawke, Jun 4, 2012
    1. Re: Valvetrain for those two cylinders. Corwin, Jun 4, 2012
      1. Agreed, likely stuck valves.. Ian, Jun 5, 2012


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