Battery chargers and rechargable batteries

by PistolPete

So my father had a Craftsman 18v cordless tool set about 10yrs old (Drill/light/mini Circular saw) and the battery charger finally bit the dust. I looked on line and there are no exact replacements for the one that I had but a charger for an 18 volt battery was listed so for $20 I figured what the hell. Open the box and look at the charger, no joy the contacts are in the wrong spot/ configuration to charge my old batteries. Well hell that's $20 down the drain then it hit me, why not just take and hook the new charger to the old base/ battery socket. Hell that's just a matter of soldering a few wires.

Will this work? Did I just build a bomb/ fire hazard?

Posted on Jun 9, 2012, 4:46 AM

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  1. need way more information.... sniper1rfa, Jun 9, 2012
    1. info. PistolPete, Jun 9, 2012
      1. If I were to take a swag at it.... sniper1rfa, Jun 9, 2012
      2. Getting an uneasy feeling.... Snowtroll, Jun 9, 2012
        1. the reg is almost certainly built into the base.... sniper1rfa, Jun 9, 2012
          1. excuse me, made a mistake.... sniper1rfa, Jun 9, 2012


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