Via Defcon 17 how to file safer with your checked luggage

by Robert L Martin

this is sort of doing a judo move on the regs but

use a hardcase suitcase and then pack one of your markers UNLOADED. have a nice sturdy lock on you NOT TSA APPROVED. when you get to the checkin very calmly state that you have an unloaded firearm in your luggage (and wish to declare same). At this point according to FEDERAL REGULATIONS your bag cannot be opened without you being present.

Oh and btw its FEDERAL LAW you must have a non-TSA approved lock on your luggage if it contains a "firearm".

any reasonable search can get you the details

Posted on Jun 15, 2012, 2:43 PM

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  1. Also. Latrans, Jun 15, 2012
    1. The law specifically says it may NOT be a TSA logo lock. kylekatern, Jun 15, 2012
      1. Just one problem.... Bergman Oswell, Jun 16, 2012
        1. Flare Guns count as well and are safer, legally.. WolfWings, Jun 17, 2012
        2. Umm hate to object but... Robert L Martin, Jun 17, 2012
          1. right, but.... sniper1rfa, Jun 17, 2012
          2. Re: Umm hate to object but... Vulpis, Jun 18, 2012
            1. There's a reason for that.. Ketira, Jun 18, 2012
      2. About TSA-approved locks.... Snowtroll, Jun 16, 2012
        1. Well, to be fair.... Robin Bobcat, Jun 17, 2012
          1. But an old suitcase with a strap and belt buckle does that!. Snowtroll, Jun 17, 2012
            1. Heh.... J. Cook, Jun 17, 2012
      3. Aah. Makes sense.. Latrans, Jun 17, 2012


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