The Whiteboard Magic: the Gathering cards

by Salda007

[linked image]

(Thought that would get everyone's attention!)

The idea for the first few of these came to me during a slow day at work last week (inspired by the Whiteboard Golf game discussion), and I've been poking at them since then. I've got the first batch up here, with more in the pipe. I've got cards done for Doc's Dew plant and the shop itself, but need to find good shots from the strip for them, and I still need to figure out stats for a few more of the cast.

Call 'em a birthday present, or something. Enjoy!

(P.S. - I'm using the Magic Set Editor, from here.)

Posted on Jun 18, 2012, 10:46 PM

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  1. Re: The Whiteboard Magic: the Gathering cards. Vulpis, Jun 19, 2012
    1. *blinkblink* Wow, that wasn't even intentional.... Salda007, Jun 19, 2012
  2. A suggestion.... Urban Werebear, Jun 19, 2012
  3. Nooo!. Pilchard123, Jun 20, 2012
    1. Huh, they're working for me.... Salda007, Jun 20, 2012
      1. Re: Huh, they're working for me.... Pilchard123, Jun 21, 2012
        1. Not Working. jwhouk, Jun 21, 2012
          1. Are they still down for people?. Salda007, Jun 22, 2012


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