by Evil Monkey

Unless he's dabling with secondary side of the ignition system...but its likely Coil on Plug...and the engine never turns over, so it wouldn't actually get a signal to fire.

I HAVE been tagged by a GM HEI once or twice. Key was left on as I turned the distributor on my former boss's old pos truck. I was, of course, up on top of the motor when it happened, which gave me the secondary pleasure of banging my head into the hood.

But yeah, this is staged. You can also see that the guy turns the key off when he yells at the kid, and then turns it back on. Also, why would you be recording something like this?...unless you planned on trying to get on the internets

Posted on Jun 27, 2012, 7:52 AM

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  1. Ouch for reals.... Sleepydawg, Jun 27, 2012


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