Make sure they fit

by Silcas

First off, find one that is comfortable and fits the profile of your Face. I believe you mentioned glasses in your original post and are wearing them underneath. You may try looking into the V-Force Grill or the V-Force Profiler, both are a great mid range goggle, and the lenses are easily replacable, as well as they fit someone with a larger face profile.

That said, you may also like the Dye i4's. I picked up a set for reffing this year, and although you will need to have a small facial profile, they have worked extremely well and are comfortable for reffing/playing 8+ hours a day.

I haven't yet tried the E-Vents from Empire, but those are the another option for you.

Same with the Sly Masks. I've got a buddy who swears by them, but I haven't personally used them.

All in all, find something that fits you comfortably, and that you like the look of. Try and find a field nearby and ask people if they will let you try on a certain type of mask, and ask for their opinions as well!

Posted on Jun 29, 2012, 10:19 AM

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