Stupid Question Couched Within

by Chris "Foxx" Yost

Those masks SO look like they don't have eye protection! I'm certain they do of course (right????) And are they really green? I always thought they were black.

That also EERILY reminds me of my first-ever paintball game (I always called the game "Gotcha!", after the motion picture of the same name), when our "markers" were pump-action triggered and prone to jam, and our sole protection was a pair of clear construction goggles . . . which when I was the last one to be found JUST as the barrage began I'd raised my goggles to wipe the sweat off as a cry from my female boss "There he is!" lifted, and I wasn't fast enough to pull them back before getting hit *right by the corner of my outside left eye socket!!* -- the guy showing us how to play had shown us a pair of goggles with a paint stain in that exact same place saying, "That could have been an eye" to emphasize the warning to NOT remove your goggles during play.

Posted on Jul 12, 2012, 5:26 AM

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