The coils, no - But the Lineset can be flushed and reused

by Bruce Bergman

If the sizing is compatible you don't necessarily have to rip the walls open and change the lineset. It's HACR grade Copper, and the pressures are still in range.

You have to disconnect it at both ends, and flush it out (both liquid and suction) with special solvent to make sure all the old Mineral based refrigeration oil is out, but that's still far cheaper than a new lineset and the destruction and reconstruction to change it.

Even if you cheat and run it down the outside of the wall from the attic and use a sheetmetal cover, which IMNSHO looks like Utter Crap and is to be avoided at all costs...

Now the fun part is when it's an old Gaffers & Sattler - a bundle of Four 5/8" lines, three used in parallel as the suction. You need to wangle up a manifold at both ends to make it into an 1-1/8" to fit the new unit...

Posted on Jul 18, 2012, 6:08 AM

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